If you are a condo owner in Boston, you may be thinking about renovations to make to your home. Fall is a great time to get some additions or remodeling done on your condo. 随着白昼开始变短, you’ll want to make your condo as cozy and functional as possible in preparation for long winter nights. 这里有一些 秋天的项目 you should consider for your Boston condo this fall.

  • 改变墙面颜色

如果你在公寓里住了一段时间, you might be tired of seeing the same walls every day. Try repainting your walls with a different color of paint or replacing the wallpaper with something fresh. To make your rooms feel cheerful and welcoming, go for colors that are bright but not too bold. You don’t even need a professional—repainting is simple enough to do on your own. Although it’s time consuming, it can serve as a fun project for the weekends.

  • 挡风雨条你的门

最近, people have been investing in climate-proofing their homes to protect against extreme weather patterns. Weatherstripping your doors is especially important to keep your condo warm during those cold Boston winters, 而且还能节省你的能源账单.

There are a variety of options when it comes to weatherstripping materials, 每一种都有不同的优点和缺点. For example, rubber is the most durable, but it is also expensive and challenging to install. Weatherstripping是一个简单的过程. Simply cut the weatherstrip into three pieces—two for the sides and one for the top—and stick them into place. Finish the project by adding a door sweep for the bottom of the door. Like repainting, this is another project you can do yourself.

  • 升级浴室瓷砖

In a condo, you may not be able to move around bathroom fixtures without draining your wallet. Luckily, there are less expensive ways you can elevate your bathroom to the next level. You can update the tile and flooring for a fresh look. Small, textured tiles for your shower floor are a must-have. 它们不仅看起来优雅, but the extra grouting and the texture help prevent slips caused by wet and soapy floors.  

  • 增加嵌入式机柜,有效利用空间

Boston condos can be small, so it is important to get the most out of your space. You can add a recessed medicine cabinet to your bathroom to take up less space while giving you a good amount of storage. 这些设备的安装可能需要大量的劳动, but they offer an elegant look to your bathroom and go well with any bathroom design, 无论是传统的还是现代的.   

  • 最大化厨房储物空间

The kitchen has one of the biggest storage requirements of all the rooms in your condo. Even if your kitchen is small, there are ways to make the most of wasted space. 如果你的公寓有长椅, install drawers or shelves below the seating to maximize your use of floor space. 你的厨房橱柜, use soft-closing full extension drawers or increase cabinet sizes to reduce unused wall space.

你也可以添加脚趾踢的抽屉. The toe-kick is the space between the bottom of your lower cabinets and the floor, 这是出于人体工程学的原因. By adding toe-kick drawers, you create more space while maintaining the ergonomics of your kitchen.   

  • 为你的浴室添加科技

你也可以把你的浴室变成 技术中心. No more straining to hear your phone over the water—add a water-resistant speaker to listen to music while you shower. Installing a waterproof TV into your bathroom wall can help you unwind after a long day with a hot bath and good show. Finally, you can install LED lights in your shower or tub. These cycle through different colors, creating a fun and calming atmosphere.

  •  安装节能窗户

窗口替换, both wood and vinyl, made the list among the top ten best upscale improvements that you can make. Once you’ve seen all of the new advancements in energy efficient window technology, 比如更好的窗户涂料和玻璃, 低漏风率, 和更多的, you won’t be surprised by this improvement’s high ranking.

8. 升级照明

The days are getting shorter, which means that you’ll get a lot of mileage out of new lighting. 今天, 买家和业主都在寻找光明, even lighting — although you can always install dimmer switches in key areas like the living room or bedrooms. Recessed lighting will make up the bulk of your new design, but don’t hesitate to add in a chandelier here or there as a statement piece.

This remodel is one that will certainly require a permit to complete. 当然, if any of the other Boston condo renovation ideas that we have mentioned end up as extensive renovations, 然后你可能也需要一个许可证, 但对于Windows, 这是必然的. 你可能想看看我们的 发布关于承包商关系的帖子, where we discuss the types of relationships you can have, 以及承包商的责任, 其中包括获得必要的许可.

Get started with any of these ideas to improve the look and function of your condo. If you are planning to sell your property in the future, these renovations can also make your condo more attractive to potential buyers. With these upgrades, you’ll look forward to spending comfortable fall and winter days in your home.