Aesthetics 和 look are always important features when shopping for new windows, but 能源效率 is your top priority. With energy-efficient windows, not only will you reduce your bills, but you will also save money in the long run 和 get a better return on your investment.

So, why is having energy-efficient windows important 和 what factors determine quality energy-saving windows?

Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Older windows usually allow air in 和 out of your house through small cracks or inefficient glass—this makes your cooling 和 heating system work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature, which means higher bills.
Lucky for you, solving this problem is easy with new windows. When you choose energy-efficient windows for your home, you get the following benefits:

    1. 安慰. 减少空气泄漏 减少噪音 和 unwelcome drafts 和 improves home comfort.
    2. Reduced carbon footprint. New innovative glass options limit CO2 usage, resulting in smaller environmental impact. 走绿色!
    3. 更低的费用. Your HVAC system does more work when there is air leakage to compensate the temperature. Stop straining your system 和 save money!

Energy efficiency in any home is essential, especially if you’re looking to save money 和 reduce your carbon footprint. We’ve covered why 能源效率 is important—but what makes a window energy efficient 和 what are your best options?

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

To keep your home cool in the summer 和 warm in the winter, a good energy efficient window will minimize escaped air through the frame 和 glass 和 regulate heat transfer 和 light through the window. It’s more than just the number of panes—the material of your windows will determine its 能源效率.


Energy-saving glass is accomplished by the type, style, 和 thickness of the glass. The main factors you should consider when buying new windows are:

    低辐射玻璃涂层. Low-emissivity glass coating can reflect solar heat—this keeps your home cooler in the summer 和 warm in the winter.
    绝缘玻璃. An extra layer of insulation is always a plus for temperature control 和 thermal performance!
    窗格. Yes, the number of panes do matter. Double-pane glass will insulate your home better than single-pane. If you’re looking to really improve your 能源效率, we recommend looking into triple-pane玻璃.

Temperature control is vital to saving energy—make sure the windows you buy have all the necessary features to ensure quality thermal performance.

Like any other home product, window frames can be made from various types of materials. The type of material will determine your window’s thermal resistance. 例如,木材和 玻璃纤维框架 offer excellent insulation by letting minimal air into your home.


Window installation plays a bigger part in saving energy than you might think—proper installation can make or break your 能源效率. If the window doesn’t fit right or is installed incorrectly, even the best windows will lack in thermal performance. When buying new windows, always make sure you have quality installation.

Which Window is the Best Choice for Me?

Energy efficiency is the goal when buying new windows, but the location you live in depends on what you should look for in a window.

In a climate like Boston with cold winters 和 hot summers, you need windows that will balance cooling 和 heating. To learn more about what window is best for your climate, talk with your local window expert 和 pay attention to NFRC能源之星 标签.

Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Home with nebs3级 Windows

The window-buying process is full decisions—from energy-efficiency 和 aesthetics to installation, every decision you make will be central to temperature control in your home.

At New Engl和 Building Supply, we carry a wide variety of energy-efficient windows with different features, 设计, 和更多的. To learn more about your options 和 how nebs3级 can help with your window project, 今天给我们打电话 or stop by our Boston showroom.